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My amazon account was locked three weeks ago due to a supposed “unusual activity” on my account . I have called amazon Canada customer service five times and no one has been able to help me .

This includes having spoken to 2 supervisors in the past week who would only connect me to account change department. Two separate people in that department were unsuccessful in helping me. One of them dropped my call after 40 minutes of trying to “verify “ if I was who I said I was. He never called me back even though he knew my phone number .

Then yet another “manager” could not help me and once again I was transferred to account change department who told me I would have to begin the verification all over again ! Another 40 minutes of verification ! The last individual in account change actually yelled at me . I hung up in tears and now I’ve been unable to use my account for three weeks .

I have been a prime member for years . I get an average of 5 items delivered in a week - from laundry detergent to my son’s stomach pills . I spend an average of $5000 a year on amazon Canada and not one person I have spoken to cares at all . Frankly I am shocked and devastated that a loyal customer like me could be treated like this !

I just want someone to fix this problem for me ! I want access to my account which I have been using for years. I want to keep purchasing my daily life essentials on Amazon Canada .

I will no longer wait on hold and speak to account change who asks me dozens of questions just to verify if I am who I say I am. Needless to say : I am horrified by how I have been treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Canada Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Unlock my account based on all the information I have provided about myself and my orders in the last 5 phone calls .

Amazon Canada Pros: Great variety of products, Variety of products and speedy delivery.

Amazon Canada Cons: Horrible customer service on phone.

  • Amazon Horrible Customer Service
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